About My Work


For my clay vessels, I start with a solid piece of clay that I shape on the potter's wheel. I then sculpt, smooth, and polish the entire piece to reveal its true form, 12 different steps in all.


My metal pieces are welded by hand, one piece of steel at a time, until they achieve their form. The clay milieu are shaped, glazed and fired, which creates their unique color combinations. These exclusive pieces are interactive; many of them can be rotated 360, and all of the clay milieu can be turned over, rearranged or swapped out for others.




About Me


I enjoy working in many mediums, including wood, clay, and metal. I have never been content to follow ; I perfer for it to be me, in my studio, pushing the boundaries of what I can do with the materials at hand. If it had a motto, it would be "Why do you need the box?"