About My Work


For my clay vessels, I start with a solid piece of clay that I shape on the potter's wheel. I then sculpt, smooth, and polish the entire piece to reveal its true form, 12 different steps in all.


My metal pieces are welded by hand, one piece of steel at a time, until they achieve their form. The clay milieu are shaped, glazed and fired, which creates their unique color combinations. These exclusive pieces are interactive; many of them can be rotated 360, and all of the clay milieu can be turned over, rearranged or swapped out for others.




About Me


It all started for me when I took my first pottery class at age 10; thankfully my first pottery teacher let me break away from the rest of the class and pursue my own ideas. If she had not done this, I probably would have lost interest in clay very quickly. Even at a young age I was not content with doing the things that other people were doing, and I did not want to be told what I could and could not do. I wanted to learn for myself what was and was not possible with clay.

Jump forward many years and I'm still the same way! I do not want to do something that someone else has already done; I want my work to be my own, whether it's clay or metal, wood or painting. This is part of the reason I did not go to college and get a degree in art;I had no interest in being told what to do. I wanted to create my own style. I believe this is a large part of why my work is so unique; it was not influenced by anyone else's work. It's  just me, in my studio, pushing the limits of what I can do with metal, wood, paint, and clay.



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