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Welcome to Leire Tid Studios - Ethan Lillemoe


I make delicate carved porcelain pieces, bold metal wall sculptures, and glossy large-scale paintings  to delight my client's senses.


See something you like on these pages or have a idea you would like to bring to life? Contact me to discuss designs and pricing.


I attend select art festivals with a limited body of work for purchase. Delivery and installation are usually available for art festival purchases.


Bunny close up hostas.JPG
IMG_20230109_160724878_HDR - 1.jpg
IMG_20230108_081646994_HDR - 1.jpg
Ethan Art 2.jpg
IMG_20230109_082627991_HDR - 1.jpg
IMG_20230114_185843996 - 1.jpg
IMG_20220813_181701234 - 1.jpg
IMG_20220813_130633950 - 1.jpg
IMG_20220710_204626425 - 1.jpg
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